We are pleased to announce that British Champion Kassieger Rianne Hips & Elbows normal, DNA proven, Schh1, Kkl1 is in whelp to the super young German male Schumann vom Tronje HD,ED normal, IPO2, Kkl1. Pups due around 20th Sept 2013 and ready for their new homes in November. Please contact us for more information.

Below you can see how careful rearing ensures healthy puppies here at Kassieger.
From our litter born in 2005 Kassieger Berretta V hip score 6:4=10, sired by Daro of Anseong Sch H3 Kkl 1 V 'a' stamp normal hips, ZW 99. Berretta is litter sister to Kassieger Blitzen Jungend Sieger the son of VA Jango vom Fürstenberg SchH3 Kkl1
3 days old 3 days old 3 days old "Where's Mum??" pups at 7 days old
3 weeks 4 days old Dart at 4 weeks old Dux at 4 weeks old Donny at 4 weeks old
Damera at 4 weeks old Demara at 10 weeks old Demara at 10 weeks old Demara at 10 weeks old
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From our litter born in 2003 Kassieger Shamera produced her litter to Wasko v Aducht consisting of eleven strong, healthy pups. Wasko attained SG3 (JH class) Sieger Show 1999 and Sired the V18 male Sieger Show 2002. From the pictures below you can see the quality and type she produces and what a proud mother she was.
Puppy Love (16 hours old) What a difference a day makes 48 little hours later (3 days old) See how they grow!(5 days old)
The Great Escape (4 weeks old) (5 days old)

The Advance (4 weeks old) Mum Kassieger Shamera with pups 5 days old. These Kassieger puppies were born 20.02.03 Retta (4 weeks old)
Food Found in the Outside World (4 weeks old) The Retreat (4 weeks old) Loki with duck (now owned by Matt & Sherin) Retta (4 weeks old)